REBNY Financial Statement: How To Guide & Samples

Have you been asked by your real estate broker to submit a REBNY financial form with your offer to buy an apartment in NYC?

We are not surprised. While it only used to be submitted for co-ops in NYC, this financial disclosure form has become a de facto document accompanying all offers for properties listed in the Real Estate Board of New York’s Residential Listing Service (commonly referred to as the RLS in NYC). 

Looking for a REBNY Financial Statement template updated for 2018? Click here to access a fillable spreadsheet.


REBNY Financial Statement - Required when buying a NYC property


Is a REBNY financial form required? 

Technically the answer is that the form isn’t required under New York State law to submit with an offer but it has become the local standard. All offers submitted to a listing agent (with or without a REBNY financial form) are required to be submitted to the seller. If you want your offer to be taken seriously then for the most part the answer is that yes it is probably required to complete the REBNY Financial Statement. 


Why am I supposed to fill it out?

The form is used by sellers and listing brokerage firms to evaluate the relative strength of offers to determine who is best financially qualified and most likely to pass the co-op board (if applicable).

If you are a financially strong candidate, it is actually a good thing because it can help make you stand out especially if you are in a bidding war.


What does this REBNY financial form include?

For those of you who are familiar with accounting, the REBNY financial form is a combination of a personal balance sheet and income statement.

  • The balance sheet portion asks you to list all assets (cash, stocks, bonds, and properties, etc.) and liabilities (loans, mortgages, etc.).
  • The income portion asks for your income and any co-applicant’s income. You will need to be very specific here and break down your income by salary (typically guaranteed) versus other compensation such as bonuses (sometimes discretionary). To make your income as strong as possible also include other sources of income such as investments (dividends and interest). If you have any questions, feel free to ask a member of the Prevu team - you can reach us at or (646) 603-6868.


When should I fill out the REBNY Financial Statement?

If you are planning to buy in NYC, it is generally recommended that you complete this form ahead of time and secure a mortgage pre-approval so that when you find the apartment that you love, you aren’t scrambling to get your documents ready to make an offer with your agent.

No matter what agent you choose, or even if you choose to go it alone, you will still likely be asked to fill out this form.


What if I don’t want to fill it out?

Many times people express they are uncomfortable disclosing personal and financial information. Unfortunately, if you don’t include it or haphazardly fill it out, you may put yourself at a big disadvantage. In the case of co-ops, the board application process can be very painful and intrusive and these items will eventually come up. It is good to disclose your financial information clearly and honestly upfront because if you can’t afford a co-op (or condo) it is best to know that early on so that you can move on to the next place.

Generally, the more transparent and clear your offer is, the more likely it will stand out from other buyers. This is especially true for co-ops where boards evaluate your post close liquidity.


View a REBNY Financial Statement template

Prevu has created a helpful REBNY Financial Statement available in both Google Docs and Excel formats.

REBNY Financial Statement


Click the image above or head over to this post to save yourself a copy.

Happy house hunting!


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