On Time. On Budget. A Better NYC Home Renovation.

In New York City, renovation project cost overruns can average 60%, but it shouldn't be this way. Meet Fraser Patterson - CEO of Bolster - who is focused on changing the home renovation experience forever with the combination of technology & transparency to provide guaranteed pricing for home renovation projects.

In a recent episode of the "Real Estate Is Your Business" podcast, we sat down with Fraser Patterson, CEO of Bolster, to discuss how his company is taking a very mathematical approach to ensure that New Yorkers have a safe, hassle-free home renovation experience from start to finish. Bolster is able to deliver a better, more timely, more cost-effective result by slowing down the process before construction even begins. By getting the data inputs correct from the beginning, construction can be much more plug and play. As a result, Bolster can save the average homeowner $59k per project as well as a lot time.

Curious to learn more about how the home renovation market is modernizing? 

Listen to Fraser Patterson - Constructing a Full Stack Experience

Real Estate Is Your Business - Bolster Episode

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