Final Walk-Through Checklist - Tips for NYC Buyers

The waiting is finally over! You saved your money for years, found the NYC apartment you always wanted to buy, made an offer that was accepted, signed the contract, and your mortgage commitment has been issued ahead of your closing date.


Final Walk-Through NYC Apartment


The last step before arriving at the closing table is a final walk-through of the apartment. A walk-through typically takes place a few days prior to the closing (in some cases, on the morning of the closing) and is organized by your NYC real estate agent to verify the condition of the property.

A walk-through is not a formal home inspection (you’ve probably done that with a home inspector or inspection company already). The purpose of a walk-through when buying a NYC apartment is to double check that the condo or co-op unit’s condition hasn’t changed since you last visited, ensure all appliances and fixtures mentioned in the contract are present and working, and confirm that any agreed-upon repairs have been completed.


Final Walk-Through Checklist of an NYC Apartment

  • Be prepared. Bring your checklist with you.
  • Confirm status of all agreed-upon repairs.
  • Confirm all appliances and fixtures that are included in your apartment purchase are present at the apartment.
  • Open and close all windows, doors, and closet doors.
  • Look at all the walls, ceilings, and floors. Check that there was no major damage during the owner’s move-out process.
  • Turn all lights on and off, including checking any light switches with dimmer switches.
  • Test all electric outlets. Helpful tip: Bring your phone charger with you to easily and quickly test the outlets.
  • Try all major appliances. Test burners on the stove, turn on the oven, run the dishwasher, check the features of the refrigerator, etc.
  • Run all faucets, check for hot water, and look under the sink to see if there are any leaks.
  • Turn on heat, and air-conditioning if present, to ensure that units are all working properly.
  • Visit the storage unit if you are lucky enough to have one in NYC. See that all owner possessions were removed.

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