Designing Your Brooklyn Apartment - Tips from Brooklinteriors

Whether you are moving in to a new apartment you recently purchased or longing to bring a new vibe into a room of your current place, designing your Brooklyn apartment can be a fun but overwhelming experience if you aren’t blessed with patience and an artistic eye for decor.

Prevu recently sat down with Brooklyn interior designer Alicia Hassen - Founder of Brooklinteriors - to get her insights on what questions homeowners should be thinking about before an interior design project, trends in Brooklyn apartments, and other helpful tips.


Prospect Heights apartment, Source: Brooklinteriors

Prevu: What questions do you ask a client who wants a full apartment makeover?

Alicia Hassen: This is one of my favorite projects as it allows me to completely rethink the space aesthetically as well as redefine the apartment's flow and function. These larger scale projects require the designer to understand the client's lifestyle, home needs, and aesthetic preferences; so questions go beyond budget and timeline.

  • Tell me about how you use your space today.
  • Do you have challenges doing certain things in your home?
  • What types of things do you want to be able to do in your home or do easier?

Asking open ended questions are going to get my client to open up, so as their designer, I understand how they need their home to function. Then we can move to aesthetics which is productive to review in person, flipping through digital inspiration tools such as Houzz, Domino, Instagram, and Dwell. The best apartment makeovers beautifully blend form with function allowing your client to feel comfortable, calm, and simply delighted as they move about their space admiring those one of a kind and just-right pieces you found for them.

What are some of the top design trends Brooklyn homeowners are asking about?

Many Brooklyn homeowners I work with have an eclectic style and are looking for designs that echo their community's values: authentic, globally inspired, artisan made, and quality craftsmanship. With the influx of new developments, homeowners are looking to blend these industrial & modern building frameworks with organic and warm designs, incorporating soft, layered linens and textiles.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your interior design aesthetic what would they be?

Comfortable, Globally-Inspired, Organic


Prospect Heights apartment, Source: Brooklinteriors

What is the most popular room that Brooklyn clients focus on designing? What are the most important requests in curating that room?

Now it could be the season, but I'm finding the most popular room requests are a new nursery as well as the living room, to accommodate a growing family. For new parents, leaning on a designer like myself has given them peace of mind as I can take one project off their plate. I ensure the space is designed to be highly functional and safe, selecting durable pieces their child can grow into as well as affordable options that may only last a couple years, such as high traffic rugs.

What are some tips to consider when selecting art for a home or apartment?

Art is one of the most personal purchases in the home. With endless options and high costs associated with exceptional pieces, it is no wonder some walls are left blank for years. To remedy this, I recommend sourcing 75% of your work from affordable art sites such as Minted or Society6 mixing sizes, mediums, and subjects. Go with your gut and pull the trigger!

For the remaining 25% of your collection, make that super special. Narrow down the type of style and medium you are looking to pursue, such as "Mixed Media, Abstract." You can then work with a designer such as myself to help you source this type of work from local and emerging artists as well as exhibits across Brooklyn and Manhattan.

You’re based in Brooklyn, what is your favorite neighborhood to visit? What’s unique about that neighborhood's design trends?

This week, Boerum Hill has captured my heart. This is a beautiful neighborhood from historic brownstones, picturesque cafes, to charming locally-owned shops. There's something special about each Brooklyn neighborhood, but Boerum Hill is top of mind this week.



About Brooklinteriors

Brooklinteriors is a full service interior design company based in Brooklyn, which officially launched in 2019 by Alicia Hassen. Brooklinteriors supports its local residents with all their home design needs, from room refreshes to entire home redesigns. Along with offering fully custom design services, Alicia's company is differentiated in that it offers results-based pricing rather than per-hour pricing.

To see more photos of designs by Brooklinteriors, you can follow on instagram @brooklinteriors.



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